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This student house with 3 rooms is located near the Gelreplein in Venlo-Noord, which has its own shopping center. The city center, the HAS and Maastricht University are a 5-minute bike ride away and Fontys 15 minutes.

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This student room (10 m2) is located on the second floor. Just like the kitchen and bathroom with shower and separate toilet. You share the kitchen with another student and the bathroom with 2 students.

What is gonna happen after signing up?

  1. Fill-in all your personal info and upload the required documents
  2. Contracts gets prepared to sign
  3. You pay the first month of rent + deposit. €750 in total for this room
  4. You get the keys and you can move to your new room 🥳🎉

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1 others have registered, max. 5€325,-